A selection of fruit and vegetables in Newcastle

Wholesale fresh fruit in Newcastle

Delivered across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland

Williams Premium Wholesale supplies all fresh fruit and vegetables as well as processed vegetables, salads and eggs across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie , Maitland , Hunter Valley , Port Spephens and Central Coast . 

Based in Newcastle Fruit Markets located at Sandgate, we operate and deliver wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables 6 days a week.

We pride ourselves on stocking the freshest fruit and vegetables and are able to offer a 24 hour turnaround time from the initial order until delivery.

We are all fully certified for HAACP and NSW Food Authority. At Williams Premium Wholesale, if it isn't fresh, we don't stock it!


Our Newcastle team here at Williams Premium Wholesale has over 40 years of collective experience in wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables, on selecting and knowing the right produce for every part of the year, and knowing that the seasonal availability and quality of all our fruit and vegetables make prices fluctuate throughout the year.

To gain from 40 years of experience for your business, give us a call. Quality is our number 1 priority.

Our approach

We form close and long lasting relationships with all of our customers. This helps us better understand their demands so we can customise our supply and maximise freshness and cost effectiveness for everyone:

  • Restaurants            
  • Child care facility
  • Aged care facility
  • Hospitals
  • Clubs & pubs
  • Cafés & fast food outlets